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  • Changzhou Annuo Hardware Products Co., Ltd

    Changzhou Annuo Hardware Products Co., Ltd founded in 2007, is a professional engaged in a variety of precision hardware parts processing and manufacturing small and medium enterprises. The main products are copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials turning parts, cold heading parts. It is widely used in automobile, household appliances, needle watch, electronics, communication, military industry, medical and other fields. The company has advanced production equipment and complete supporting facilities, including precision carving machine, CNC lathe, cam cutter, walking automatic lathe, cold heading, tooth rubbing, tooth rolling machine, table instrument lathe, multilateral lathe, sawing machine, CNC core walking machine, etc. Note that the detection equipment has two-dimensional image measuring instrument. Projector, microscope, hardness tester, coating thickness tester, salt spray tester, precision micrometer caliper, digital vernier caliper. Dial indicator...






    Three combined screw

    Various specifications can be customized
    Glans cap
    spare parts
    Special pin
    Export tight enterprises facing "cold transition period"? The new method of EU anti dump

    China's fastener industry has not been subject to anti-dumping sanctions once or twice in the international market. Unfair treatment to fastener export enterprises

    China uses 100000 giant screws

    Have you ever seen the screws with the thickness of washbasin and the height of four floors? A new high-speed railway in Ningxia is fixed on this screw. On January 7, science and technology daily came to the construction site of yinwu passenger dedicated

    How to remove rusty fasteners?

    How to unload rusty fasteners skillfully? I'm afraid that many of my friends have encountered such problems in their daily life. Today, our editor of No.1 Industrial Products Co., Ltd. will introduce some knowledge about this.